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Mr. Arias - Physical Education Teacher

Email Miguel Arias

Room: 4

Subjects: Physical Education

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5502


Mr. Arriaga - English Teacher

Email Manuel Arriaga

Room: 3

Subjects: English 1, English 2, and ELD.

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5512


Mr. L Cardenas - Social Studies Teacher

Email Luis Cardenas

Room: 8

Subjects: American Government, Economics, and World Geography.

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5506


Mr. Gallegos - Special Education Teacher

Email Jesus Gallegos

Room: 7

Subjects: Special Education

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5505


Mr. Madruga - Social Studies Teacher

Email Michael Madruga

Room: 2

Subjects: American History and World History.

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5513


Ms. Milton - English Teacher


Email Stephanie Milton 

Room: 5

Subjects: English 3 & English 4

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5503


Ms. Montez - Math & Computers Teacher

Email Nora Montez

Room: 1

Subjects: Math & Computers

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5501


Mr. Pedro - Math Teacher

Email Manuel Pedro

Room: 6

Subjects: Consumer Math, Math 1

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5504


Mr. Reed - Art Teacher

Email Stephen Reed

Room: 10

Subjects: Art I, Art II, Advance Art, & Ceramics

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5508


Mrs. Rivera - Science Teacher

Email Marcie Rivera


Room: 9

Subjects: Earth Science & Life Science

Contact Information: (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5507

Bio: Marcie Rivera has been an educator for over 29 years. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara and a Master’s in Public Administration from Syracuse University she never intended to become a teacher. She believes she was blessed to have her destiny find her. It happened in the form of an article in the Desert Sun about the high rate of minority drop-outs. As an immigrant from Durango Mexico, who grew up in the rough neighborhoods of Los Angeles, her heart and conscience answered the call to become a teacher.

As an advocate for her students, she strives to ensure that they leave her care knowing that no matter what their life has been like, they always have a choice about how it turns out, and that education is the great equalizer.

Ms. Rivera is an outstanding educator who has received numerous awards and recognition for her work. She holds multiple teaching and also administrative credentials. Her teaching and administrative experience extends from elementary to the community college level. She truly loves her work and believes that she remains enthusiastic and energized because of her students. She is proud to have been a founding teacher of programs such as Advanced Placement, AVID, and career academies. She considers herself a “world traveler” and also enjoys spending time outdoors.

Her greatest accomplishment is to know that she has made a significant impact in the lives of students and colleagues.


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Mrs. Delma Ortiz - School Secretary

Delma Ortiz

School Secretary
Phone: (760) 848-1268

Mrs. Herlinda Yanez - Attendance/Instructional Media Technician

Herlinda Yanez

Attendance/Instructional Media Technician
Phone: (760) 848-1268

Email Herlinda


Mr. Becerra - Custodian

Email Sergio Becerra


Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929


Mrs. Padilla - Teacher's Aide

Email Arlene Padilla

Room: 7

Special Education Teacher Aide

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 5505


Mrs. Macias - Parent Liaison

Email Abelina Macias

Room: Main Office

Parent Liaison

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 1267


Mr. Rodriguez - Campus Security

Email Frank Rodriguez

Room: Counseling Office

Campus Security

Contact Information: -- (760) 399-5929 Ext: 1272